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Creating an online home buying experience

Project Details

Buying a home is a significant coming of age moment. Whether it’s your first home or your fifth, acquiring a home is a major life milestone and a process that comes with a lot of complexity. If you go the manufactured housing route, you might be surprised to find an even higher level of complexity. Though the product seems more simple on the surface, you are dealing with many more moving parts than buying an existing house… acquiring land, designing the home, managing a construction site, etc. When COVID hit, the complexities of this process went to a whole new level.

In the winter of 2020 our team was approached by the top manufactured housing company in the US to help them design a virtual home buying experience that would help users navigate the complexities of the home building process. We took a close look at the current home design and purchase process to create an online buying experience that is easy to navigate, educational, confidence-building, and puts the homebuyer at ease.

User Research
User Experience Design
Service Design
Stakeholder Interviews
Journey Mapping
System Mapping
Service Blueprint

From the ground up

At the onset of this project, the client was very focused on improving the employee sales experience, concentrating on the quoting sales processes and technology. This "inside-out" point of view is common, especially in large companies struggling with nagging inefficiencies; however, we expanded the discovery process to also include the customer's "outside-in" point of view. By including the customer as well as other key stakeholders, we positioned ourselves to identify opportunities that would accomplish our ultimate goal, which is to create a simplified, innovative sales experience.

Here are some of our key insights from the field:

Frustrations from disparate digital systems often lead home centers to create their own analogue visual systems


Let there be light


At home in the buying process