Creating innovative solutions is tough. But it gets a lot easier when you rely on proven methods rather than personal hunches.

Welcome to Headlight

Headlight is my personal design practice. Here you will find a sample of some of my work, my philosophy and my approach to solving challenging ambiguous problems. I hope what you see hear inspires you to take on any wicked problems you face in your world. Thanks for stopping by!

About Headlight

Headlight helps companies build products, services, and experiences that customers love. We are experts in Human Centered Design, a proven methodology that relies on deep empathy for people and rapid iteration of prototypes to land on the right solution. Headlight is led by Bryan Terrill, a Design Strategist with 10 years of industry experience and a passion to make meaningful innovation common practice.

About Bryan

customer insights // innovation strategy // product, service, UX design // workshops & training


A broader take on innovation

When businesses think about innovation, the focus is almost always on developing a new product or service. We help companies explore opportunities for breakthrough more broadly, by also looking at profit model, channel, customer experience, and more.

Value is in the implementation

To us, there is nothing more disappointing than a breakthrough idea that never makes it to market. This is why our team focuses on solutions that are not only inspiring, but also implementable. We think it's worth making sacrifices to get an idea to market.

Equal parts strategy and creativity

We believe designers and strategists belong in the same room. Without the divergent thinking of creatives, the best solution may not be discovered. Without the convergent thinking of strategists, the best solution may not be implemented.

Top down, bottom up, outside in, inside out

All too often, the only point of view considered is that of top leadership in an organization. We believe it is critical to understand all points of view in order to develop a solution that works for everyone. That's why our team executes in-depth discovery with top executives, entry level employees, and customers to find where the real opportunities lie.