About Bryan


I have always been drawn to working on complex problems, so a degree in electrical engineering made a lot of sense as a first step. Three years into my career, I realized that engineering was a great toolset for determining how to make something (as long as a circuit board is involved) but not a great toolset in determining what you should make in the first place. My curiosity shifted from understanding how technology works to understanding what people care about, this led me to a Master of Design Methods degree from the Institute of Design, Chicago, and a career in design strategy.

In the last 7 years, I have worked with well-known brands such as Motorola, Ocean Spray and First Horizon Bank to design more “human-centered” products and services, and I couldn't love it more. During that time I have built my own design-led innovation practice as well as launched a "growth and innovation" service line within a major regional consulting firm. I am comfortable as a design researcher and strategist, but my real sweet spot is leading teams, building trust with clients, building consensus around the right solution, and driving change.

Currently, you can find me in Knoxville, Tennessee with my wife and 3 year old daughter, renovating our 100+ year old home (endlessly) and shredding mountain bike trails in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains.


In addition to practicing Human Centered Design, I also love teaching it. I have served as an adjunct professor at the University of Tennessee since 2019 (go Big Orange!). I teach courses on innovation and new product development in the college of Business, Architecture & Design, and Executive Education. I am also currently working with the Honors College to develop a new Design Thinking track for undergraduates.

"Bryan's experience in teaching the Design Thinking methodology has been a key factor in our student teams successfully creating market-ready products, some of which have turned into legitimate start-up companies."
Ernest Cadotte, University of Tennessee Professor


A broader take on innovation

When businesses think about innovation, the focus is almost always on developing a new product or service. I work with companies to explore opportunities for breakthrough more broadly, by also looking at profit model, channel, customer experience, and more.

Value is in the implementation

There is nothing more disappointing than a breakthrough idea that dies on the shelf. When working with clients, I push toward solutions that are not only inspiring, but also implementable. It's worth making some sacrifices to get an idea to market.

Equal parts strategy and creativity

I believe strongly that designers and strategists belong in the same room. Without the divergent thinking of creatives, the best solution may not be discovered. Without the convergent thinking of strategists, the best solution may not be implemented.

Top down, bottom up, outside in, inside out

All too often, the only point of view considered is that of top leadership in an organization. In any given project, it is critical to understand all points of view from stakeholders in order to develop a solution that truly works for everyone. I have a bias toward conducting in-depth discovery with top executives, entry level employees, and customers alike to find where the real opportunities lie.